Introduce kSar – a SAR grapher

Posted by Planet Malaysia on April 3, 2009


Last week I was working on consolidate Linux SAR graphical report and I found a great tool called kSar.

kSar kSar Version 5 is a java application that graph your sar data. It can graph sar text output from Solaris,Linux,AIX,HPUX,Mac OS/X. It also permit to export data to PDF/JPG/PNG/CSV.

How to run kSar from Windows XP machine?
1. Make sure you have java install
2. Make sure you have kSar download and installed
3. Copy over /var/log/sa/sar* to your local HDD.
4. Launch kSar from Windows XP MSDOS command line by type: java -jar kSar.jar
5. Load from sarXX text file.



kSar Report


Check out more screenshots here and download kSar here.

How to generate SAR output manually incase you have missed out systat cronjob?
# sar -A -f /var/log/sa10 > /var/log/sa/sar10

Please make sure you have sysstat cronjob as example below:
# Record stats every 5 minutes (in binary)
*/5 * * * * root /usr/lib/sa/sa1 1 1
# Generate a summary of stats (in plain text) every day at 11:50pm
50 23 * * * root /usr/lib/sa/sa2 -A

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