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Posted by Planet Malaysia on June 9, 2011


They are many Antivirus software on the market and mostly are paid version. Today, I would like to share Top 10 Free Antivirus to everyone.
1. Microsoft Security Essentials

Microsoft Security Essentials sports more than a typically verbose Microsoft name: it’s also a really good antivirus. Lightweight enough to run on older machines without crippling their performance, yet competent enough to handle most viruses and malware out there. Yes I’m one of the Microsoft Security Essentials supporter.

Download Microsoft Security Essentials here

2. AVG Free

AVG has become synonymous with free anti-virus, and there’s a reason for this: AVG offers complete malware protection, with considerably less bloat than the top pay-to-use antivirus clients. And while AVG Free does constantly remind you that you could pay for the professional version of the program, it does this without ever getting in the way of the program’s core purpose: protecting you from viruses.

Download AVG.

3. Avira Free

In terms of simplicity, Avira’s fairly lightweight.

Download Avira Free here.

4. Avast! Free

This is one of the top free anti-viruses on the market, and for good reason: it’s remarkably complete.

Download Avast! here.

5. Malwarebytes

This program doesn’t run in your system background and constantly protect you, but when you run into a problem running Malwarebytes will usually take care of what other programs can’t. Keep a copy for yourself.

Download Malwarebytes.

6. ComboFix

This Combofix Antivirus program isn’t friendly, it runs from a command window.

Download Combofix.

7. Clamwin

Clamwin is the Windows version of ClamAV, the main Linux anti-virus on the market.

Download ClamWin.

8. Panda Cloud AntiVirus

Panda Cloud Antivirus stores its virus definitions online. I would  say this is a really good idea for underpowered PCs with constant access to the net.

Download Panda Cloud Antivirus.

9. Comodo Firewall + Antivirus

Comodo is best known for its free firewall, but it also offers a bundled firewall and antivirus program.

Download Comodo Free here.

10. Common Sense 2011

Common Sense 2011 isn’t a product you can download so much as it is a state of mind. If you’re going to be free of viruses and malware you need to use your head while browsing the web.

Good luck and hope you’re running away from VIRUS.


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One Response to “Top 10 Free Anti Virus”

  1. KH on February 3rd, 2012 2:25 pm


    I think you should try Emsisoft Anti Malware v6.0. (
    It comes with 2 engines, 1 is the Anti virus of course & the other 1 is
    the Malware scanner. Once you have tried it for free
    for 30 days, you will appreciate that it is the
    best anti virus in the market, simply because it
    has far more better detection than the rest of the
    free anti virus in the market. Though, it is not completely FREE, but if subscription is around about
    RM70 – RM80 per year, which is really peanuts if you divide it by 365 days (RM 80 /365 = approx RM0.22 per day).

    For those who are non-geeky users or there, this will definitely save a lot of the time and money by not taking the PC / laptop to the computer shop for reinstalling Windows due to virus infection.


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